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About autism
Get to grips with the facts, the stats, and the myths.

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Understanding autism

Understanding autism

One in a hundred people in the UK have autism. That's enough to fill Wembley Stadium nearly eight times over. That's a fact. But there are an equal number of myths surrounding autism that are, frankly, unhelpful. In this section, we dispel some of the biggest myths and give you the lowdown on all the stats and facts.

An intervention is any kind of activity that’s designed to improve your child’s quality of life. But which ones are available?

What is Asperger’s Syndrome?
Some people find it helpful to distinguish between autism and Asperger’s, but why do we have two terms for what might be the same condition?

Our war of words
When it comes to autism, should we ever just ignore hurtful comments? - by Sophie Walker

Share your own story
There’s no two ways about it, dealing with autism can be tough sometimes. But hearing from other people going through the same experience can often really help you get through it. Will you share your own autism story?

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