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Me, My Autism & I exhibition
Girls and autism
Thursday 06 April 2023

Me, My Autism & I Exhibition


In partnership with Ambitious about Autism, Vanish has curated an exhibition which aims to nurture a conversation that celebrates autism, break down myths and broaden public understanding. Providing a platform for autistic people’s experiences of how clothing can make the world a little more comfortable.

Special thanks to the contributors, Eton, Bethan, Mia, Imogen, Sophia, Lyra, Maddie, Connie, Catherine, Meg, Grace, and Issy who have kindly shared their stories with us and you.

Discover what clothes can really mean to people through the stories below…


Vanish are donating 25p from every pack of Vanish Gold Range sold in UK Asda stores between 29th March and 18th April to Ambitious about Autism, to help create a world where autistic girls and young people are heard, included and supported.

Vanish have provided neurodiversity training to their employees and talent and acquisition teams to establish more inclusive hiring policies. Alongside the creation of an internal neurodiversity handbook. They will also offer employee volunteer days with Ambitious about Autism to continue to build an ongoing relationship, having committed to 3 years of activity for World Autism Acceptance Week.

Vanish is committed to helping clothes live longer and believe that every garment you own should bring you comfort again and again. Find out more about our #Rewear fight here.